France, Paris

Eating my way through Paree

Paris was a food mecca. My initial plan was to crash-diet for 1 week before Tomorrowland, in a feeble attempt to at least get back into shape. But famous restaurants and good food beckoned, so the diet never happened. Instead of sightseeing, I felt that my trip in Paris was more of a eating my way through Paris trip, which I’m not complaining about.

My first stop was Restaurant Chartier, which was superb quality for the price. I first tried escargots in Morocco but didn’t like it. Over here though, it was SO good, and filled with pesto sauce and tasted sublime with bread. The duck confit with potatoes were really good as well, crispy and juicy! And it only amounted to 16.40 euros! Really crowded and popular place, even amongst locals.




Also, the stereotype that the French are unfriendly people is not true at all! I expected everyone to be hostile, but everyone I met was really nice. The waiters were jovial, friendly and helpful, and there was a lovely old couple beside me at Chartier, who tried their best to talk to me, even though it was hard with the language barrier.

For dinner, I ate at le Relais de l’Entrecote, where there is no menu. It is an interesting concept because there is only 1 dish, which is steak and frites, and you can either choose to have it raw, medium or well-done. No option for medium-rare over here. They refill your plate once, so you get 2 servings of steak and frites, as well as a salad. This comes up to 26.40 euros, so a bit pricey but it was very good as well. Long queues over here, so it is advised to go before it opens!


The next day I had L’as du Falafel for lunch, which has both a sit-down area and a takeaway counter. A really popular option for vegans and vegetarians. However, the portion was really big and I couldn’t finish it! Value-for-money at 6 euros. There was also a L’éclair de genie outlet nearby, but I totally regret not buying it because I was too full and I never got the chance to go back to try it 😦


For a snack, I went to Odette, which has seen a surge in popularity due to it’s cream puffs or pate a choux in french which were sooo delicious and cute-looking. Recommended flavors online were the caramel, praline and green tea. I tried the praline one and it was really good! 1.90 euros per piece.





The supposedly best crêpe is at Au P’tit Grec, where there are both savory and sweet crêpes. I wish I could have tried both, but obviously I couldn’t finish both. I tried the savory crêpe, with eggs, ham and cheese and it was delicious. As I walked along the streets, you could really see everyone looking enviously at it lol. For 5 euros, the portions are huge, and I could only manage to finish three-quarters of it!




For the best icecream, go to Berthillion. I personally felt that their ice-cream flavors were better than their sorbet flavors though. I had vanilla and passionfruit, and you could really taste the quality in the vanilla icecream but the passionfruit sorbet was just average.


For my final meal in Paris, I went to Café Constant. As both the famous Les Cocottes and Café Constant were in the same street- Rue Saint Dominique, and in fact a few shops away from each other, I was torn between where to go for lunch. But I decided to go to Café Constant because they had a set lunch menu that was pretty worth it. For 16 euros, I got an entrée and a main course, but you could also choose to get a main course and a dessert. And for 23 euros, you could have all 3! The restaurant was filled with Asians though, like practically the entire floor was Korean lol. I also decided to indulge in dessert, since it was my last meal in Paris, and I had profiteroles with hot chocolate, and it was SO good. The dark chocolate was very rich, but not too sweet.




Would highly recommend all these places in Paris! It’s hard to have a bad meal here, as long as you do your wee bit of research. Bon Appetit!