Recommended days: 3 days

I think Munich is really a place dependent on weather, actually, which city in Europe isn’t dependent on weather?

But our sole purpose of visiting Munich was to go to Füssen, to visit the Neuschwastein castle, as everybody else, so good weather was absolutely essential for a stunning view!

Initially, we wanted to go on Tuesday, but the weather forecast was bad (it ended up snowing really heavily), so we postponed it to the next day, where we were super lucky because we got the sun AND snow-capped trees from the day before, so lucky us!!

I think Munich is a really picturesque city, albeit expensive. If you were to ask me to choose between Berlin and Munich, I’ll choose Berlin because it seems to be still a little rough around the edges, and has an unpolished charm to it.

Having said that, I really like Marienplatz, the main square because it’s always hustling and bustling, and all the main city attractions are centred around that area!