Chasing the Aurora Borealis

After a futile attempt to catch the Northern Lights in Iceland, I decided to head over to Lapland in Sweden to get a glimpse of the auroras! And boy, was I rewarded with the prettiest of lights! I’m so glad I got lucky this time, seeing it on my 2nd and 3rd night, and hopefully on my final night today too!

On the 2nd night, it was amazing because we decided to head out to the middle of the frozen lake to stargaze with our reindeer hide. We didn’t think the auroras would appear so quickly because the forecast said that it would appear at like 10 or 11 pm. However, we actually saw the aurora form, from a mere lining of green to a sky awash with colors. We probably sat on the lake for a good two hours, just admiring and taking in the beauty of the aurora. At first we thought we were hallucinating (wanting to see it so much that maybe our eyes were playing tricks on us), but then we all started seeing the same thing at the same spot, and we knew that we struck gold and started screaming HAHA.






The whole sky was illuminated with the lights, and stretched across the entire horizon of the sky. It was constantly moving, taking on different shapes and I simply felt so, so lucky to be able to see it, within the comfort of our campsite. There we were, just lying down on the ice, gazing up at the sky. The feeling’s indescribable.

On the 3rd night, we saw it at the Abisko National Park, where the scenery was different because we had trees as the backdrop for our pictures. Even though we had a limited time at the park, we managed to take really good pictures! When we were on the way back, the northern lights were so strong, we could literally see them dancing, alternating between green and red. It must have been like a strength of 5 or something.



This trip has been super fulfilling for me because I finally managed to tick the northern lights off my #bucketlist! And the weather in Kiruna/Sweden has been really beautiful as well. Clear skies and sunlight, what more could I ask for.

Tonight i’m heading up to the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko so I really hope I get to see a beautiful light display! They say the third time’s the charm isn’t it 😉



Kiruna at the drop of a hat


True to the spirit of exchange, we decided to book a trip to Kiruna, Sweden at the drop of a hat! We were discussing our travel plans and then felt kind of sore that we were unable to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. And suddenly, we decided, okay, we’re heading to Lapland! Just like that.

It was a crazy, mad rush since everything was decided so last minute. It’s like one moment we’re talking about the Northern Lights, and the next moment, off we go!

Luckily, one of my friends went to Kiruna before, and his strong recommendation really convinced me that I shouldn’t be missing this trip. And thanks to his advice, we knew which tour operators to book and what to do! I swear, we were scrambling to book transport; accommodation and activities, not something that I would like to do all the time haha.

Really looking forward to husky sledding, snowmobiling, going to the ice hotel, finding some reindeers, and of course, see the Northern Lights though!

I love how spontaneous and YOLO this trip was and please please please, let us be well rewarded. Let me tick the Northern Lights off my bucket list please!