I’m typing this as I sit on the Arctic train to Kiruna, Sweden, where just outside of my window, the land is blanketed in white snow, with fir and pine trees littering the landscape. It makes for a very scenic ride indeed!

Anyway, I’m beginning to really love Copenhagen, kind of kicking myself for squeezing in so many travel plans, and not spending enough time in the city itself.

The weather is starting to become perfect right now – when you’re here, you’ll really see how much the weather makes a difference in one’s mood. Everyone just lounges outside, sitting on the grass, just basking in the sun’s gentle warmth.

I finally tried out the food market that I’ve always wanted to try! There are so many stores, I don’t think I can ever possibly eat my way through them, given the limited amount of time I’m spending in the city 😦 However, I would really recommend the fish and chips! Don’t eat the fishcakes though; they were just really fishy…













I would love to try the Smørrebrød and pizza next time! As well as their assortments of cakes and pastries. Like oh my god, everything just looked so good, we were spoilt for choice!

And I went to Faith’s place for dinner, and it felt really good having an only-girls’ dinner, simply talking about girly stuff and doing what girls do best hehe!


3 thoughts on “Torvehallerne

  1. Just read your post 😉 I actually tried the fish cake LOL it was fishy but I loved it! Hope to see ya soon and have a wonderful trip to Poland and Germany!

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