Kiruna at the drop of a hat


True to the spirit of exchange, we decided to book a trip to Kiruna, Sweden at the drop of a hat! We were discussing our travel plans and then felt kind of sore that we were unable to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. And suddenly, we decided, okay, we’re heading to Lapland! Just like that.

It was a crazy, mad rush since everything was decided so last minute. It’s like one moment we’re talking about the Northern Lights, and the next moment, off we go!

Luckily, one of my friends went to Kiruna before, and his strong recommendation really convinced me that I shouldn’t be missing this trip. And thanks to his advice, we knew which tour operators to book and what to do! I swear, we were scrambling to book transport; accommodation and activities, not something that I would like to do all the time haha.

Really looking forward to husky sledding, snowmobiling, going to the ice hotel, finding some reindeers, and of course, see the Northern Lights though!

I love how spontaneous and YOLO this trip was and please please please, let us be well rewarded. Let me tick the Northern Lights off my bucket list please!


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