How to travel cheap

Many of my friends are so kind to pass me their wealth of knowledge from travelling, and the best #budgetfriendly tips and one of it was particularly good because it recommended the best (read: cheapest) form of transport around each country!

BUT I made the erroneous error of not referring to it before booking my train ticket around Poland and now I totally regret it 😦

So what I booked was Polrail, and we already booked the cheapest train ticket, say from Warsaw to Krakow and it was 164 PLN which is about $60, pretty pricey i would say. However, if you were to book a bus, Polski, it’s only a mere 20 PLN (SGD $7) !! Like what the hell, the price difference is so hugeee, imagine how much shopping you can do with that, especially in Eastern Europe. Even better, there are even cheaper bus tickets for other timings that go as cheap as 12 PLN. Yeah you read me right, 4 Singapore Dollars.

What about the time difference spent travelling on the train and the bus you would ask? Both train and bus to Krakow from Warsaw take 3 hours. Another reason for me to faceplant on the ground goshhh.

The same applies for Krakow to Berlin, and even from Berlin to Copenhagen where I could have saved $30 if I had taken the bus instead of flying back to Copenhagen. Of course, between flying and taking the bus, you save A LOT more time travelling, but between bus and train, i would recommend checking how much the bus is first before immediately booking train tickets.

Hopefully I’m able to refund the rail tickets and buy the bus tickets instead 😦

Travel in Poland:

Polski bus

Review: After coming back from Poland, I’ve got to say that Polski actually kind of sucks.  I took Polski bus from Warsaw to Kraków, and from Kraków to Berlin. On our way from Warsaw to Kraków, the bus actually broke down and we had to switch buses in the middle of the night. It’s also quite messily organized because often there are no signs indicating where we can board the bus from. The bus is also prone to delays, so give or take another hour or so to reach your destination. The toilets on the bus don’t work either, in a sense that the flush doesn’t work, so it gets pretty unhygienic after awhile. Wifi crawls at a snail’s pace too.

But I guess you get what you pay for, and for the super cheap price you get, we can’t complain I guess.

Intercity travel in Germany:


Review: I took Meinfernbus to get from Berlin to Munich and back to Berlin again. I think it’s significantly better than Polski bus, buses are punctual, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have food stops to let you get lunch and stuff like that! Toilets work fine too 🙂 But as with all buses, wifi connectivity is practically non-existent. Don’t ever count on getting wifi on buses.


If you book well in advance (a month is good enough), you can get the ultra saver mode from copenhagen to berlin for 22 euros!

I will be updating this post more as I go along, so hopefully it’ll become a useful travel resource for everyone!

Air Travel

 SAS Youth

I think this is the best possible price you can get when all the other airlines have sky-high prices due to holidays such as Easter. From what i’ve seen, SAS youth has a fixed flight rate of about 53 euros throughout the entire month. Of course budget airlines are cheaper, but the price of flying skyrocket during popular holidays, not so for SAS Youth! So it’s always a good option to consider.


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