How-to: Lebara SIM cards

My SIM card woes continue to beget me. Yesterday, I ran out of data even though I supposedly bought 2gb worth of data, and topped up 200 kr worth of credit, which supposedly can get me 4gb as it renews the package twice. However, what happened was that there was some error in the data activation plan, so even though I SMS-ed the number for the topup, it didn’t get through and I was being charged 0.99 kr/MB so that’s how my data ran out so fast! It was especially worrying because, can you imagine navigating a foreign city without GPS?! You can see below for how my credits ran out so fast:


Students are given the Lebara SIM card, which uses Telanor DK as the telco. To prevent people from ever suffering a heart attack like how I potentially did, here’s the English brochure (because I think most of the brochures found in the convenience stores are in Danish, which can result in miscommunications 😦 )

So after a day without Internet, I finally got a refund from Lebara after a call and an email, where I had to screenshot the evidence of me trying to buy the data package but receiving no activation message. So just for your reference, here’s the message you’re supposed to get, make sure you get this, if not you’re in for a nasty scare a few days later!


In essence, here’s what you need to do for a Lebara SIM card:

1. To set instructions in English

Call 50101234, press 3 then press 2

2. To top up

Get a scratch card from any convenience store or top up online! all 50101234 and key in the 2 codes found on the scratch card (one 8-digit code, and one 6-digit code)

3. To choose a package

You can choose from various packages, I would prefer the purely data version, which is 49 kr. SMS 2gb to 5010. Otherwise, if you find talk time important, SMS 10plus2 to 5010.



4. How to stop auto-renewal 

If you, stupidly like me, got the 10 hours 2gb data plan with no use for it, you gotta SMS 10plus2*stop to 5010. This will only be put in place at the end of the month when you have finished your current plan, only then will you be able to switch to another plan. It is super important to do this because if not, they will just automatically renew your current plan and then you’ll have to continue paying 99 kr!!

5. To check your balance

To see how much data/talktime you are left with, simply SMS balance to 5010!

*As mentioned in my earlier post, you don’t have to buy a SIM card. You can get it for free from CBS or if you’re not a student, you could just order a free SIM card online from the Lebara website (Now i feel really stupid ugh)



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