5 things to eat in Iceland

  1. Bæjarins Beztu Hot dogs



It is said that hotdogs are Iceland’s national dish. Although there are specialties’ such as fermented shark, ram testicles and puffin (which I didn’t try), hotdogs are by far the most popular snack in Iceland. We went to “the best hotdog stand” in Iceland and it really lived up to its reputation! Don’t bother buying just one, buy two at one go, you’ll thank yourself later. Made with lamb meat, fried onions, garlic, and a special Bæjarins Beztu sauce, we wolfed it down after a trip to the public baths and it tasted absolutely fantastic on a cold, wintry night. Only 380 ISK!


  1. Noodle Station




Another cheap and wallet friendly option in the city of Reykjavik, I really loved the Vietnamese beef noodles. With its thick broth and tender beef chunks, it kept us warm and fuzzy amidst the snowstorms.

1190 ISK.

  1. Geysir Café (Gulfoss Kaffi)

Although I didn’t get to try this place because we missed the stop, their lamb stew is supposedly really good and I would have wanted to try it out! 😦 We didn’t know the lamb stew was at the Geysir itself until we visited the Geysir and left.

  1. Fish/Skyr yogurt


As Iceland is surrounded by sea, you should definitely order some fish because it’s super fresh and an affordable option! Another thing you should try is Skyr, which is a yogurt, originating from Iceland!

  1. Café Loki



Situated just opposite the church, this café is super easy to find and gives you a first taste of Icelandic food. I wouldn’t say that the food was spectacular, or maybe it just wasn’t suited to my taste buds but I think it was okay. I ordered the mashed fish potatoes and I quite liked it! It felt like a fish mac n cheese, but wasn’t worth the significantly higher prices.

Honestly, we didn’t eat out that often because most of the times, our breakfasts and lunches were eaten on the road because of the limited daytime hours that we had to catch! But definitely try the hotdogs, we wanted to make a return stop on our way back to the airport but alas we didn’t pass through Reykjavik, so we couldn’t 😦 That’s how good the hotdogs are.


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